Melynda Apton

Jr. 5 MoN Solutions Developer

Melynda is a recent addition to the APPLY team, bringing with her a 5 Moments of Need Designer Certificate and wealth of knowledge and expertise in creating and building content on various platforms. With a BA in English and Anthropology from Mt Holyoke College, Melynda has a sharp eye for detail and is always ready to help clients achieve their desired outcomes.

Prior to joining our team, Melynda was an Event Supervisor at one of Rochester, NY’s top hotels, where she excelled in providing exceptional customer service to clients.

In her free time, Melynda loves building computers as a hobby, but her true passion lies in disc golf. She boasts an impressive record as a professional disc golfer, with over 100 tournament wins and being awarded the Rookie of the Year title in 2012. Before turning pro, she achieved the prestigious title of 2011 Amateur Disc Golf World Champion.

Melynda Apton

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