The 5 Moments of Need Methodology

APPLY Synergies is the leading provider of 5 Moments of Need workflow learning solutions.

Our foundation is the 5 Moments of Need Framework and the EnAble Methodology, which are crucial for developing performance-first learning solutions, starting with the moment of Apply.

The 5 Moments of Need

The 5 Moments of Need® present a practical framework to drive higher job performance. The 5 Moments of Learning Need focus on the different times where workers need learning. They are: Apply—when you are learning while in the flow of work, Change—when you are adapting to change, Solve—when you need to solve a problem, New—when you are learning something for the first time, and More—when you are expanding your knowledge.

When learning is designed against these moments of need, job performance not only becomes more effective, but the performer gets more done—quicker and with minimal disruption and frustration. By addressing these moments effectively, organizations can optimize learning outcomes and drive tangible results in the flow of work.

The Road to Achieving Quantifiable Business Results

The EnABLE methodology and related tools cover all the key milestones necessary for the successful deployment of a performance-first approach to designing, developing, and implementing advanced learning solutions that improve worker productivity and efficiency.

Our services help you build workflow learning solutions and demonstrate improved job performance by delivering on these key outcomes:

Engage to Align

Key Outcomes

  • Align to Business Priorities

  • Determine KPI/ROI/OKR Metrics

APPLY Synergies
Products and Services

  • Strategy Consulting

  • 5 MoN Audit

  • Business Impact Calculator

Analyze to Design

Key Outcomes

  • Map Workflow

  • Create Detailed Blueprint

APPLY Synergies
Products and Services

  • Rapid Workflow Analysis

  • Digital Coach Proof of Concept

  • Targeted Training Proof of Concept

Build to Implement

Key Outcomes

  • Build and Launch Digital Coach

  • Build and Launch Targeted Training

APPLY Synergies
Products and Services

  • Task Writing

  • Digital Coach Development and Implementation

  • Targeted Training Development and Implementation

Leverage to Sustain

Key Outcomes

  • Establish Maintenance Roles and Responsibilities

  • Establish Governance

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