Reach measurable business outcomes by integrating learning into your daily workflow.

Our approach enhances performers’ time to competency while simultaneously minimizing formal learning time, boosting retention and productivity, and mitigating risks.

Formal Training

Reduced by 50%

Searching for Answers

Time Spent Reduced by 1/2

Time to Competency

Reduced by 67%

Statistics based on APPLY client experiences

How Workflow Learning Can Help Your Organization

of companies worldwide are facing a skills gap.

Source: HRDIRECTOR, July 2022

Upskilling & Reskilling

Nine out of ten companies worldwide are facing a skills gap. We must reskill and upskill our current workforces, but the way to do that is not through more training.

This is where workflow learning shines.

Embedding learning in the workflow reduces training time and empowers employees to learn (i.e., upskill and reskill) as they work. With 2-click, 10-second access to the relevant content they need right when they need it, reskilling and upskilling happen immediately—on the job—and don’t have to wait for a classroom. And unlike traditional training, workflow learning helps sustain and grow evolving skills over time.