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Apply Synergies
Apply Synergies

Learn and work at the speed of change

We enable an organizations’ workforce to perform optimally in an environment of unrelenting change.

Does your workforce need to do more while your organization needs to significantly reduce the time, effort, and costs to on-board, re-board, train, or re-skill employees?

If so, it’s time to move away from the traditional approach to learning and training.

The 5 Moments of Need® is an instructional design methodology proven to enable your workforce to do more for less. Level-up your strategic, technical, and tactical capabilities to design for the performance zone. Build an adaptive workforce that creates constant value.

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Conduent and APPLY Synergies Team Up to Drive Better Business Performance through "Moments of Need" Learning

"Companies are facing significant challenges in the marketplace from the most recent issue of COVID-19 to the accelerated speed of change in business. While formal learning is still an essential component of a company’s learning strategy, employees need to learn new or more skills and apply those skills to perform their jobs."

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