Unlock the potential of your organization with our 5 Moments of Need Performance-First Audit.

This audit is designed to provide you with a low-cost, low-risk way to develop a tactical roadmap for transforming your organization to put performance first.

The audit is conducted through 4-5 virtual calls (equivalent to a 2-day onsite workshop) that cover the following:

5 Moments of Need Audit

Formulating a unified vision and strategy

Capturing challenges and opportunities

Assessing current and future learning and performance capabilities

Assessing change readiness

The audit provides a realistic plan for implementing the strategic, tactical, and technical capabilities your organization is lacking to enable and sustain effective job performance—all the time, everywhere.

The Performance-First Audit is designed to help your organization become self-sufficient in our methodology, with support from our Intellectual Property (IP).

Work towards creating your comprehensive audit report.

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