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Get Work Done

Let us help your workforce eliminate the frustration and guesswork in getting work done. Through the implementation of these products and services, we can do just that.

workflow learning Capability Audit

Do you know your training department's readiness to create workflow learning solutions? Grounded in The 5 Moments of Need Maturity Model, the Workflow Learning Capability Audit provides rich discussions and reporting around where you are, and where you want to go.

Via a detailed set of rubrics, The 5 Moments of Need Maturity Model is used to assess your current state against 30 capabilities across three categories. This assessment unearths skill capability gaps beyond training and provides a road map to improving specific capabilities to close those gaps based on organizational priorities.

The audit typically takes four weeks and provides your team with a prioritized road map for closing gaps via a performance-based approach to learning.

5 Moments of Need Project/Solution

Ready to transform to a performance first mindset and extend your reach into the workflow? Choose a project and let’s get started!

The implementation of a workflow learning solution entails a phased approach: building out a proof of concept, measuring initial results, and tweaking as needed to successfully move forward with the full solution build.

The optimal solution includes all phases but depending on your current state and future needs let’s chat about the best place to start your organization’s unique solution journey.

Business Impact Measurement Workshop

It’s impossible to fully measure the impact of training—with a training first mindset.

The 5 Moments of Need Business Impact Measurement Workshop solves for this ever-present challenge. Through the implementation of a digital coach, or EPSS, along with the knowledge and skill base of measurement’s two core approaches, your team can connect the dots from training to business impact.

You and your team will build a process for developing a prioritized list of project-specific impact requirements, alongside an overarching, ongoing business impact measurement plan. Fitting into each of these are the structures for baseline data, project data gathering, evaluation, usage monitoring, verification, and reporting out your results.

Develop your organization’s capabilities; measure your workflow initiatives and show organizational bottom-line impact.

Content Management Strategic Plan Workshop

Maintaining your content and keeping it up-to-date and helpful is an organizational challenge, to say the least.

Successful performance-first solutions must be able to deliver content, unencumbered, through any and all channels needed. This is made possible through a robust content management capability.

Let us work with your team to develop an operational plan that optimizes your content and solution development time; keeps content solutions current and helpful and, enables auto-generation of deliverables.

The development and implementation of this strategy help to lay the groundwork for future solutions while enhancing and optimizing current content management practices.

The 5 Moments of Need Designer Certificate

Ensure your learning is meaningful and effective by designing for The 5 Moments of Learning Need. This course arms and certifies you with the skills you need to actually make the shift and successfully meet your learners where they need you—on-the-job and in their workflow.