Einar Schow

Chief Executive Officer

As the Chief Executive Officer, Einar Schow is an experienced business leader with a passion for the 5 Moments of Need and solutions that elevate performance through learning at all moments of learning need.

Einar started his career on a traditional L&D track. He spent 7 years as adjunct faculty at Brigham Young University, where he assisted in the developing and implementing a computer-based language learning platform. From there, he entered the corporate training world at WordPerfect Corporation. As Einar supported various divisions within WordPerfect he was invited to join the Consumer Products division as their International Product Manager – thus launching a career in business management. 

With that shift in responsibilities, Einar entered the world of business planning, business development and business finance, which launched a 25-year consulting career in strategic and tactical business planning and implementation. In 2019, Einar started what was initially thought to be a short-term consulting engagement with APPLY Synergies. The 5 Moments of Need methodologies and services immediately resonated with him as addressing some key business needs for responding to the rapid changes in corporate landscapes and work environments. Since that initial introduction, Einar has devoted his full attention to the 5 Moments of Need, APPLY Synergies, and Performance Support Solutions.

Einar Schow

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