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Enable Your Organization

Moving from a training-first to a performance-first organization doesn’t happen by accident.

A change like this requires an intentional commitment.

A Commitment to Change

Embracing The 5 Moments of Need™ framework as a concept is one thing, being equipped to implement its principles is another.

While we love to be on the ground developing solutions for you, we do seek to enable you to be fully self-sufficient with the methodology and toolsets. Creating this independence is a highly customized process, tailored to your organization and team’s unique makeup.

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A 5 Moments of Need expert is available to you for a set period of time. Or, to see you through specific change milestones.

This coach will work with you to benchmark your organization, aid in articulating your aspirations, craft a roadmap for getting there, and then support and guide you through the entire process.

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Project Management (PM)

We see project management as more than just completing status reports.

Our view is that project management should be about customer success. About helping you move your organization in the direction you need to go, rather than PM dogma.

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Does your technology enable your transformation? Are there gaps?
Or worse, is it getting in your way?

We believe that The 5 Moments of Need framework™ helps address these issues and because we focus on methodology first while also maintaining strong relationships with our technology partners, we are in a unique position to team up and help to assess and chart your technology roadmap.