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Workflow Learning Solutions

Love The 5 Moments of Need? Ready to put learning in the workflow, but you need some support?

Our team can help.

Tailored Solutions

Using our vast methodology and technological experience, we tailor each engagement to your needs. Below are a few possibilities to assist you in getting started. With over 35 years of experience supporting thousands of organizations across the globe, our proprietary 5 Moments of Need methodology, and our years of experience working with our technology partners, we are uniquely qualified to help your organization transform into a performance-first learning ecosystem.

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Fast Track

Prove the value, secure buy-in, start on a real project—fast. This engagement can be completed inside of 2 to 4 weeks. We will help you identify a fitting first project, lead your team through our proven Rapid Workflow Analysis (RWA) workshop, and build a working proof of concept.

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Learning Experience & Performance (LEaP)
Plan Design

LEaP is the core framework for a complete 5 Moments of Need™ design. Building on the RWA work, we will complete additional design methodologies with you—including our Critical Skills Analysis—to arrive at a design plan for all the 5 Moments of Need™.

As with the Fast Track option,
we will grow and develop a working proof of concept.

LEaP can be an add-on to the Fast Track engagement,
or it can stand alone.

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Solution Development

An organizational shift to a performance-first approach will require new capabilities or new capacity, at least for some time.

Whether it’s to get a first project developed and deployed while your team starts to shift its focus. Or, as an ongoing partner providing flexible on-demand capacity, the APPLY team will deliver the expertise and extra capacity you need to build and deploy performance support and workflow learning solutions.

Thank You

Thank you for attending the Virtual Workshop on March 26th.

If you weren't able to attend, or would like a copy of the workshop recording and materials to share with your team, please use the links below.

For additional questions, needs, or should you experience issues accessing the files, please reach out to us!


With the increase in remote workers, it’s now more necessary than ever to move your learning to the digital world—where everyone has access.

This shift requires more than just a drag and drop or copy and paste. It requires a makeover, a strategy, and a plan for how to shift this learning into a format that is not only usable, but continues to be impactful on our workforce’s performance.

Set aside 90 minutes to learn more about the GEAR Model and how it blends virtual and workflow learning.

  • {G}ather in the virtual classroom.
  • {E}xpand upon what was learned—in the workflow.
  • {A}pply what was learned on-the-job, in the flow of work.
  • {R}eceive feedback back in the virtual classroom.

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