5 Moments of Need® Foundations Workshop

Private, Corporate, Online and In-Person Workshops Available

This introductory workshop is tailored for teams aiming to embrace a performance-driven approach. It serves as an ideal launch pad, redirecting your attention from mere training to optimizing performance, enabling you to gain a significant competitive advantage in your industry.

5 MoN Foundations Workshop

Foundations Workshop


Workshop Details

Delivered over two days, our workshop consists of two synchronous virtual sessions, 2 hours each. You’ll be required to do pre-work before each session, which will involve small-group discussions and experiential learning of the foundational principles behind the 5 Moments of Need.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to describe the potential impact workflow learning can have on an organization. You’ll also gain experience with the five different learning moments people encounter, and insights into how you can better support them in your environment.

That’s not all! You’ll also be able to explore additional foundational workflow learning concepts, including how to do a Rapid Workflow Analysis (RWA), complete a LEaP plan, design and build a Digital Coach and Targeted Training, adapt ILT to virtual workflow learning, and measure for organizational impact.

Who Should Attend

Our workshop is perfect for change agents and stakeholders looking to shift their thinking and initiate change. With our experiential case study, you’ll be able to expose new ways of thinking about learning in the workflow, escape your L&D rut, and consider a new approach.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your team’s learning approach.

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